• Ninguna
    10/04/2021 Sergi del DrUalcman Cipher
    Hash with MD5

    We add a MD5 Hash encryption in this revision. How to use hash to MD5 Cipher.Hash.MD5 md5 = new Cipher.Hash.MD5(); string

  • Ninguna
    01/04/2021 Sergi del DrUalcman Cipher
    Revision 6

    New version 1.1.6 We reselese a new version today with stronger algorithm to encode, and solving a bug can't decode fr

  • Ninguna
    29/03/2021 Sergi del DrUalcman Cipher

    How to verify encoded text To very a encoded text must be initialize the Secret  object with same constructor used wh

  • Ninguna
    28/03/2021 Sergi del DrUalcman Cipher

    I propose a little challenge to you. If you manage to decode, please follow the instructions and get your reward. MDFEQTYu

  • 85382737688898657069727887812477469847473672748680668306185828082.jpg
    27/03/2021 Sergi del DrUalcman Cipher
    Version 1

    This is the first version released. You can encript text easy.  Namespace Cipher Cipher.Hash Cipher.Hexagesimal

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